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Why Plan Ahead?

  • Saves your family money and grief

  • Get the funeral you want

  • Able to transfer to another funeral home upon relocation

  • Only takes about 30 minutes of your time

  • The Myers Family will do their best to personally please you and your family


Pre-Planning Details

Pre-arranging and pre-funding funeral plans are both wise decisions.  It will save your family both money and grief.  We should not leave our loved ones the burden of planning our funeral and having to come up with a lump sum of money at a time of loss.  Unfortunately, we are not guaranteed tomorrow and this is business that we all need to take care of.  Our funeral home offers a variety of services and different ways to fund them in order to please everyone.

Your money is put into an insurance company, where it is safe and draws interest to keep up with inflation.  This also protects you so that, should you relocate, your pre-need can be transferred to another funeral home. It is our goal at Myers-Colonial Funeral Home to do our best to please you and your family.

Making your own arrangements can take less than 30 minutes.  Please call our office at 337-463-9996 and set up an appointment with a funeral director. They will help you take care of this important business, so that your family will be able to go through their time of loss with less worry. 

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